What We Offer

 Hands-On Horticulture provides a space for community gardening for all and offers a Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Day Service, with additional therapeutic mindfulness, craft and creative activities.


Knowledge, skills, learning…



Gardening basics – vegetables

  • For anybody and everybody.
  • Feed your family from four raised beds.
  • Develop existing gardening skills or learn new ones.

First course planned for Spring 2018; please enquire.



The Ecological Self

Adding insights from ecopsychology to Social and Therapeutic Horticulture and its Ecotherapy approach, an exploration incorporating group discussions of the connections between personal and planetary healing.  First course planned for Spring 2018; please enquire here.



We can provide and arrange accredited training in horticulture, conservation and related skills, including elements for ‘employability’.



While the site and our facilities here are being developed, we are planning to offer some of the mindfulness, movement and creative engagement activities (shared reading, drama, writing and story-telling) ‘off-site’.

Please visit Danu Blue for more information.